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Perfect balance of convenience and clinical thoroughness. Generate documentation using patient self-assessments and complete them in 5 minutes!

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Scheduling system included with no year-long commitment. Designed equally for in-person or online registrations.

Built by experienced pharmacists

Our system guides you through red flags, care plans, prescriptions and easy follow up scheduling.

Effortless marketing included

Generate posters, create newsletters, track site visits, and generate google reviews all in one place. You also get free access to pharmacy directory listings.
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What is MedEssist?


Medessist is built by pharmacists who have worked on the front lines and understand your pain points because they’ve gone through it themselves. We are a complete business solution that supports independent pharmacies in so many ways, providing clinical, scheduling and marketing tools all-in-one screen.

Furthermore, MedEssist is also the only pharmacist-led startup working with Google for Startups, giving us access to world-class engineers, who help us design these tools. In addition to helping pharmacies simplify their workflow, we also help pharmacies build their online presence and help them build and grow their business. MedEssist is currently supporting hundreds of independent pharmacies across Canada.

Who made this Minor Ailments solution at MedEssist?


MedEssist’s Minor Ailments solution was built by our clinical team, which is composed of experienced pharmacists from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Quebec, provinces where pharmacists have been practicing Minor Ailments for over a decade. Incorporating best practices taken from experienced pharmacists, our system thoroughly guides you through red flags, care plans, prescriptions and easy follow-up scheduling, enabling you to conduct assessments under the realistic time constraints experienced in a busy pharmacy.

What makes MedEssist’s Minor Ailments solution unique?


Our solution was built with practicality in mind, providing pharmacies the perfect balance of convenience and clinical thoroughness. MedEssist’s Minor Ailments solution enables pharmacists to generate documentation using patient self-assessments, allowing you to complete the assessment in under 5 minutes!

Through patient-friendly language, MedEssist makes it easy for pharmacies to perform assessments without the need to hire extra staff. Furthermore, our built-in scheduler enables patients to seamlessly book themselves into your workflow, either in person or through phone appointments, in addition to accommodating walk-in appointments.

How much does the Minor Ailment module cost?


The Minor Ailments module is available to any pharmacy subscribing to the Standard Plan* or the Premium Plan**. Our subscriptions are per pharmacy, providing any member on the team access to our Minor Ailments module, in addition to scheduling and marketing tools, allowing you to generate posters, create newsletters, see your pharmacy metrics, generate Google reviews and much, much more! Subscriptions are charged on a monthly-basis, giving pharmacies the opportunity to try it out for a month and there is no cancellation fee, allowing you to cancel at any time.  

*Our Standard Plan costs $35/month + booking fees per pharmacy. Read more about our standard plan here.
**Our Premium Plan costs $50/month + booking fees per pharmacy. Read more about our premium plan

I’ve already purchased another Minor Ailments clinical tool, how will I benefit from MedEssist?


Many pharmacies use MedEssist exclusively for all their Minor Ailment assessments. However, some pharmacies may use additional resources or tools when treating more complex cases or as an educational companion to MedEssist. MedEssist on its own offers all the clinical tools and support you will need to complete comprehensive assessments of the highest standard quickly and efficiently.

MedEssist also supports many time-saving features such as importing patient profiles into PMS (Kroll, Nexxsys, Propel Rx, Fillware, etc.) and directly faxing HCPs from within the platform. That is why our pharmacies prefer to use MedEssist for the vast majority of their assessments even when other options are available.

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