The MedEssist Dashboard

MedEssist is a comprehensive suite of business, clinical, and educational solutions seamlessly integrated into one dashboard. 

On a day to day basis, MedEssist is your ever-present AI-powered assistant, helping you with scheduling, patient intake, literature searches, or anything else you need to wow patients and make your everyday better.

Built by a team of 10+ pharmacists, we know all too well the good and the bad of what it's like behind the counter. Once you see our platform, we’re confident you’ll see that we get it. 

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What is MedEssist?


Medessist is built by pharmacists who have worked on the front lines and understand your pain points because they’ve gone through it themselves. We are a complete business solution that supports independent pharmacies in so many ways, providing clinical, scheduling and marketing tools all-in-one screen.

Furthermore, MedEssist is also the only pharmacist-led startup working with Google for Startups, giving us access to world-class engineers, who help us design these tools. In addition to helping pharmacies simplify their workflow, we also help pharmacies build their online presence and help them build and grow their business. MedEssist is currently supporting hundreds of independent pharmacies across Canada.

Who made this Minor Ailments solution at MedEssist?


MedEssist’s Minor Ailments solution was built by our clinical team, which is composed of experienced pharmacists from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Quebec, provinces where pharmacists have been practicing Minor Ailments for over a decade. Incorporating best practices taken from experienced pharmacists, our system thoroughly guides you through red flags, care plans, prescriptions and easy follow-up scheduling, enabling you to conduct assessments under the realistic time constraints experienced in a busy pharmacy.

Who is MedEssist for?


MedEssist is used by over 500 pharmacies of all sizes and types across North America. MedEssist fills all the gaps that your pharmacy system can never do well, providing the bridge between the necessities and a vibrant and efficient patient experience. At the end of the day, pharmacies using MedEssist meet more patients while feeling supported and more confident than ever before.

What’s it like to use MedEssist?


MedEssist has helpful tools for almost every aspect of pharmacy. The more features you use, the more time you’ll save and the more efficient you’ll be. MedEssist is built for your pharmacy staff as much as it is for pharmacists. Work together through MedEssist to stay organized and prevent burn out.

Will MedEssist work for me?


Every pharmacy is different, and so is every MedEssist account. Customize almost every aspect of the platform to fit in perfectly with your needs! MedEssist is also built for your staff as much as it is for pharmacists. Work together through MedEssist to stay organized and prevent burn out.

Who’s behind MedEssist?


We’re a University of Toronto based start-up and google start up accelerator graduate. We’re also pharmacists who have experienced the early days of starting a pharmacy, to vaccine clinics during the pandemic, to catching up on documentation at night. At MedEssist, it's not technology changing pharmacy; it's pharmacists transforming pharmacy through technology. We think it's an incredibly meaningful distinction.

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